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What is a Pictorial Ballad?

It's a combustion of two components: pictures and prose. Pictorials are illustrations that are created as a means to express emotion in art. Whether through paintings or drawings, these images are suggestions or interpretations of how the artist views the world. Ballads are narrative poems that are often expressed with sentimental or romantic flavors. Combine these two artistic styles and you've composed a lyrical visual.


What do the themes primarily focus on? Philosophy or history?

Both, actually. It's about critical thinking and the search for knowledge. Interpretations are as open as we allow our minds to be.

Is this genre designed for children or adults?

Both, actually. As with the Grimm's Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson stories, which, on the surface appeals to children with pictures and mythical tales, complex undertones can also be understood by adults.

Children's Fable

goats, farm, fence, trees

A Reflective Pictorial Ballad 

Sam and Cindy are on a wondrous journey to have some big questions answered in the small world they live in. They meet some interesting animals on the farm; some who are helpful and others who don't have a care in the world. Mysterious stories about life on the farm may not provide the answers the dairy goats seek, but their endurance makes their quest worthy and inspiring. It is a philosophical journey that captures an awareness of our surroundings.


I wrote this ballad as a way for adults to discuss spiritually and the meaning of life to children. The themes are left wide open to be interpreted how the individual views the world.  Two lessons that everyone can learn from are: never stop searching and never stop asking questions.


"This is one the most unique books I've read for as long as I can remember, because of it's deep philosophy. Since this book is mainly meant for kids, I can only imagine what the resulting masterpiece of thoughts would be when this philosophy merges with the mind of a child. And I have to mention that the illustrations are simply adorable! They look so, so, lovable. A brilliant book that is recommended to people of all ages!" 

Barbara Carey, AMAZON


"I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations are excellent and fully capture each goat's personality. The story can be enjoyed as a simple tale for younger readers and a much more thought provoking story for older readers. As a retired schoolteacher my mind raced with the different ways this story could be utilized for classroom discussion. As a grandparent, I am looking forward to sharing this story with my 7 year old granddaughter when she comes to visit."
Beveryly Clark, AMAZON

"This is an unusual book and I mean that in the best way it is original and very creative it’s not exactly fairy tale material and it’s not exactly a book for children. But it is an awesome children’s story that encourages self- thought and discovery." 

CreeCree, AMAZON


"The story teaches courage and friendship in a fun way. My children laugh hysterically at Sam and Cindy's adventures. This is an excellent book for demonstrating expressive reading. The importance placed on the value of asking questions, friendship, and being true to yourself are nice without feeling too much like heavy morality tales, or lectures. I also appreciated some of the humor that is aimed at the more adult set. Overall it was a fun, and enjoyable read. I'm absolutely in love with the art and the story was meaningful."

Holly Wood, AMAZON

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