A Dollar in the Jar: Tribute to

Leonard Bishop

When I rang the door bell in the summer of 2000, a plump man in his late seventies answered. He looked similar to Rodney Dangerfield, especially in the nose...

Inspiration behind How the Water Falls: South Africa's legacy

There are two reasons that the subject of apartheid prevails: One, there is a strong correlation of what occurred in South Africa to what is happening now in Israel...

Why write about the Japanese 

American Internment Camps

When I was fourteen I came across a book, called Kim/ Kimi, about a young girl searching for her real father, who was Japanese American...

Down the

Buster Trail

This exploration started out with a singular intention of wanting to know who my ancestors were, and nothing more, like anyone else on the planet...

What's in

the Name?

The reputation of “Buster” has a fun history in itself, indisputably so... Buster is an Americanism.  It is good and as stereotyped as apple pie...

Africans in

Medieval Europe

I was watching Nat Geo's "The Decrypters," and was awestruck by the founding and research of an African male in Medieval Britain...

If a book is written but no one reads it, does the book still have a soul?

Of course playing off the cliche: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” But to clarify the meaning, in a nutshell...

When lying is a

good thing

I am one of the biggest liars I know. Every time I sit in front of a computer I tell lies consistently, obsessively. Why?  Because I write fiction...

Links and


I have to admit, I love joking to people that my parents were born during The Great Depression, I married a Baby Boomer, and I AM a Generation X...

What if Buddy Holly
Had Lived?

I have no doubt he would have been involved with the Civil Rights movement. In high school he named his cat after Booker T. Washington...

Why I Love

John Steinbeck

As a writer, even in fiction, Steinbeck broke boundaries of how to reconcile what is humane.  He mixed literary prose and realism with such grit and fortitude...

The blitzkrieg of WWI defiled the need to host a hospitable environment such as the Olympics, and therefore, in 1916 the expansion for humankind was canceled...

Advice on Writing

Historical Fiction

Writing historical fiction may seem like a daunting task; and what I mean by daunting is the amount of research it can take. And yes, it can take years...

What I learned from the

first year of marketing

Prior to publication, I had already established one blog, one Facebook fanpage and Twitter just two years before marketing my book, but once I had something...

The Low-Down of
Book Reviews

Online book reviewers are becoming more viral; more substantiated than the conventional sources because their posts will always be out there...


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