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Nonfiction book about 300 years of American history, and of course, the Busters!

Imagine Finding Your Roots, Roots Less Traveled  and Who Do You Think You Are presented in a book format. The Buster Clan: An American Saga  does exactly that. Within these hefty histories are smaller sagas where lives were personally affected by how history played out. Instead of focusing on one person in a biography, many people are featured with mini-biographies; like an anthology of biographies. 

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"This is more than just one clan’s history, though. The author presents us with a true social and cultural examination of the times when the various Buster family members lived. I thoroughly enjoyed this extremely readable book and can highly recommend it."   

Grant Leishman, author & journalist, Readers' Favorite reviewer

"Kollenborn doesn’t flinch at confronting the foibles and failings of her antecedents, and this only serves to make her work even more powerful. This is an engaging, large-scale biography with historical tidbits scattered throughout. It should hold a broad appeal for both history and genealogy lovers. RECOMMENDED."  The US Review

"What results is a rich tapestry of American attitudes and ideals, both in tribute to the American experience and with a view to more positive change and healing in the country’s future. This gives the sometimes-dry pages of history a really refreshing lift and new energy, making it easier to engage with times gone by and relive them through a modern lens. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend The Buster Clan: An American Saga to fans of vividly detailed American history, well-researched works, and human interest stories with social observations at their core."   

K.C. Finn, authorReaders' Favorite reviewer

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